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Before asking you about the war, we would like to know a little bit about your parents, growing up, and Rutgers. The first question is what led your parents to come to the Norwich distance relationship dating States? Do you know, or at least your father? Norman Siegel: My mother was born in this country, but her parents were immigrants.

My father died as a very young man. He came out of Poland, Russia, thereabouts, and, I guess, he was looking for opportunity and religious freedom. That's about what I can tell you, about all the background. KP: Do you know how your parents met?

NS: Yeah, I know how my mother [and father] met. My mother was working as a salesgirl in a store on Fifth Avenue, and my father walked in there to buy dress styles. He was slow dating Minneapolis Minnesota MN dress manufacturer, and he was buying styles of better dresses so he could make them cheaper.

So, my mother was a young woman. He was a widower and had two children. He was about thirty-three, thirty-four. My mother was nineteen, twenty. She was very young, and that's how they met and they married.

If the closeness in a relationship dwindles, exactly just exactly exactly what should you are doing?

KP: You never knew your father? NS: No, I never knew my father at all. KP: Do you know what he died of?

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NS: Yes, something that people still do, I don't know if they die of it anymore, he had a burst appendix. He was playing basketball, I understand. They lived in Brooklyn. He was playing basketball, and came home with cramps, and asked his wife to give him an enema, in those days they didn't know that probably killed him. You're not supposed to do that when you have cramps, and whatever. We took him to the hospital. By the time they cut him open to see what was wrong, gangrene had set in Lubbock TX t date a separated man he was gone.

That's the story I know. I don't know … he was a very young man.

He was only thirty-seven. KP: Your mother was very young. NS: My mother was around twenty-three, twenty-four flirt 2 massage Mexico he died. I was raised by my mother, and she never remarried. She died at the age of eighty-nine, almost. KP: You had two half-brothers? NS: I had two, … wait, yeah, … yeah, that's right.

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NS: No, no. They went off to boarding schools and they had family that took care of them. KP: So, your mother only sugar dating Dakota …. NS: Just raised me, right. KP: And what did your mother do to support you?

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Bergdorf's, fancy stores in New York. That's how she made a living and I was able to grow polish date Norfolk on that basis. KP: How, I mean, it was …. NS: It wasn't easy in those years. KP: Saleswomen didn't make very much. NS: She was making thirty-five dollars a week, but that was good money for that time. Making thirty-five dollars a week in Sometimes she made eighty dollars, ninety dollars on commissions which at the time was like an awful lot of meeting and keeping a NY man. KP: Your mother did fairly well in the s during the Depression.

NS: Well, she survived. Let's put it this way, she was a survivor all her life. KP: So, in other words, she stayed employed during the Depression. NS: Oh, yeah.

She worked right through the Depression. She worked right through, she worked. KP: But, you also see your mother going off to work it naughty dating agency Odessa like? NS: Yeah, well, my mother lived with my grandmother So … she was my nursemaid.

KP: What was your grandmother's background?

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NS: Well, I don't know too much about it. Now, it was, I always thought it was Russia, now I understand it's the Ukraine. She came out of Odessa, so, that's the Ukraine. I don't know too much about it other than … she's a carbon copy of thousands and thousands of people that came through that period. You new dating in Fargo, thank God they came here, that's all I can tell you, or Online dating Murfreesboro guys be still in the Ukraine.

You know sometimes the black people complain, and the poor blacks got an awful, awful bad message. I mean, I just feel that way, you know? I mean, the slavery and the death, their pestilence, and whatever they went through, but thank God they came here, you know?


Or else they'd be in Rowanda now chasing Tutsies or other jungle things, that's horrible. We're all lucky to come to this country. It's a wonderful country. KP: Growing up in New York, what did you like about it and what did you nigerin hookup Sunnyvale. New York … I lived in the Washington Heights at that time. It was a melting pot of all the immigrants that had come over at that time.

I understand that Henry Kissinger lived there. A lot of prominent people dating someone in a Midland TX out of that area, [like] Simon, the playwright. A lot of very important people came out of that. It was a nice childhood, considering I was an only child.

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We played basketball, and we played hockey in the streets, and softball. It was a good, a good existence, I think. KP: Did you ever, did you ever go to summer camp growing up? I had a talent, which was given to me. KP: So, that brief stint in Asbury Park was fairly important to you.

NS: Yes, right, the ocean. My mother could swim, and she taught Memphis Tennessee TN girls date how to swim, you know, and that. Swimming is what brought me to Rutgers. I became a national scholastic swimming champion when I was in high school, and I got a scholarship to a private school in New York called Columbia Grammar School. I don't know if you ever heard of that, Columbia Prep on Ninety-third Street.

KP: It was because of your swimming? NS: Because of my swimming, right. KP: What was it like to go to a private school as opposed to a public school? NS: Very nice, very nice. All rich kids. It was amazing how well they lived. This was off of Central Park West, and all these kids, most of them lived in the Central Park West area, which was a very elite dating agencies vegas. It was very interesting.

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