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Finance Help Desk Send an. Like many governmental entities, the Mecklenburg County Finance Department operates on an annual financial year which is distinct from the calendar year January 1st - December 31st. Mecklenburg County's annual fiscal year runs from July 1st to June 30th.

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An employer must pay its employees at least the minimum wage for all hours worked, and time and one-half overtime pay based on Philadelphia Pa living dating employee's regular rate of pay for all hours worked in excess of 40 in a workweek unless the employee is exempt for some reason. An employer is not required to pay its employees more in wages than is required by the minimum wage and overtime pay provisions. Likewise, an employer is not required by law to give mandatory wage benefits such as vacation pay, sick leave, jury duty pay, and holiday pay to its employees regardless of how many hours a week they work. The giving or not giving of promised wages, including wage benefits, is entirely up to each employer. Once a promise is made by an employer, then the employer must pay all promised wages, including wage benefits, accruing to its employees based on any policy, agreement or practice that the employer has established. And pursuant to N.

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The services provided by public utility companies, such as electricity and natural gas, are important to your health and safety. Termination of Utility Service: Know your rights as a consumer.

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The North Carolina Utilities Commission sets the rules for public utility companies, including rates, billing and disconnection procedures. Pay in installments.

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You may be able to work out an installment speed date Richmond Virginia VA that will give you up to six months to pay off past-due charges. Under the plan, part of each monthly payment you make will go toward past charges, and the rest will pay for current services.

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A utility company is not required to apply your deposit toward a late bill unless you are closing your. Here are the North Carolina Utilities Commission rules: You must be given a specific of days to pay your bill.

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For example, electric and gas bills include a past-due date that is at least 25 days after the billing date. If the bill has not been paid by the past-due date, the Champaign IL area dating services can charge a late fee of up to one percent.

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If your payment is late, a regulated electric or natural gas utility must provide you with written notice at least 10 days before they disconnect your service. The notice generally states that the amount you owe must be paid within ten days to keep your service from getting cut off.

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It should also spell out steps you can take to avoid disconnection. The company must contact you again at least 24 hours before they disconnect service.

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Your power cannot be disconnected on Fridays, weekends, state or federal holidays, or the day before a state or federal holiday. Electric and gas companies are required to keep a list of households whose residents have special medical needs, such as flirt Atlantic City NJ adult massage north on on life support equipment.

If you are concerned about an elderly relative, keep in mind that any customer can deate another person to receive a separate copy of any utility service termination notices.

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The North Carolina Utilities Commission does not regulate towns and membership cooperatives that provide electric or gas services. Towns and cooperatives usually have their own service Pennsylvania rapids date ideas and you will need to discuss your situation with the town or cooperative manager.

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