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Paleo-Indian-period American Indians are nomadic and hunt large animals for food. They also eat small game and wild plants.

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Already weakened by disease and free Wilmington online chat losing their land to colonists, the remnants of many independent tribes ed together on small reservations or left the colony entirely. Byonly the Cherokee remained intact. North Carolina east of the mountains was essentially cleared for white settlement. Although the first European explorers had introduced Old World diseases into the Americas centuries before, the first major smallpox epidemic did not strike most of what is now the southeastern United States until the s.

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The first inhabitants of present-day South Carolina likely arrived about 11,—12, years ago. Hunting and gathering typified their first 10 millennia, but they developed agriculture about bce.

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The Mississippian culturesthe most advanced in the southeastern region of older dating online Clarksville reviews North Americaarrived about ce with their complex society, villages, and earthen mound-building; they disappeared soon after European contact in the 16th century, however. In South Carolina was home to perhaps 15,—20, native people, representing three major language groupings: Siouan spoken by the Catawba and othersIroquoian spoken by the Cherokeeand Muskogean spoken by peoples related to the Creek.

Disease, conflict, and continued European expansion contributed to the virtual disappearance of the indigenous populations by the time of the American Revolution — A few years later, inthe Spanish returned and established Santa Elena on nearby Parris Island.

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It was an important Spanish base until These eight grantees were known as the lords proprietor of Carolina, and they were free to dispose of the land as they pleased. Following the initiative of the lords proprietor or their deputiesthe English made the first permanent settlement in the region, dating Joliet IL an introvert the west bank of the Ashley River at Albemarle Point, in A decade later, the government and most inhabitants moved to a more favourable location on the nearby peninsula formed by the Ashley and Cooper rivers, the site of Charleston today.

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The colony grew slowly and by had a population of about 19, settled almost exclusively along the coast. Trade with the native peoples and the export of deerskins constituted the major sources of income, complemented by naval stores turpentine, tar, and other pine products after In the colony was divided into two provinces, North and South; Georgia was carved out of the southern Seattle WA chat line free trial numbers of the original grant in Under crown rule, South Carolina prospered, and exports of rice and indigo contributed to its growing wealth.

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Based on this successful trade, Charleston entered a golden age; it soon was perceived locally as city of refinement and cultural attainment. A flood of Scotch-Irish settlers overland from Pennsylvania caused a population explosion in the inland areas afterand subsequent demands for political representation resulted in a conflict between the plantation owners best Petersburg VA to find girls the Low Country coast and the small farmers of the Up Country interior that continued into the 19th century.

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British troops occupied Charleston during the American Revolution, which, in South Carolina, was largely fought as a civil war between the patriots, who demanded freedom from Great Britain, and the loyalistswho supported the crown.

Two major American victories pakistani dating College Station TX the battles at Kings Mountain and Cowpens South Carolina. Fast Facts.

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History of South Carolina Earliest settlement The first inhabitants of present-day South Carolina likely arrived about 11,—12, years ago. Load Next .